Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I went running for the first time this morning.

Now before you go making judgements, I have
been in the gym religiously each morning for 
the past 3 weeks.

Seriously.  I have.

But when I got on the treadmill for the first time
in 4 months today, I was really a sad and sorry sight.

See, I'm a pro at the ARC Trainer and the 
Elliptical.  But somehow those skills don't translate
to the Treadmill.  Don't ask me why.  I don't know.

When I finally finished up, I think my ego hurt worse
than my ankles.  And there's nothing worse than 
starting a day with a workout that just depresses you.

So, when I arrived at work, I was at the corner of 
totally depressed and still embarrassed...and hungry.
Not only did I need a pick me up, I needed something
that would fill me up.  So I opened up my phone,
searched for a smoothie bar in White Plains,
found Lilli Pilli's Health Bar in the City Center, and
decided to take the 5 minute walk and try it out.

Let me tell you: Lilli Pilli not only restored my faith in
delicious post-workout food, it totally reset my day.

I have to admit, I've never been a huge juice person
(mostly because I know I'd never survive doing a juice
cleanse), but if you fed me Lilli Pilli juices, I'd be all
over it.  Lilli Pillis' has been open for just a year, and 
it's amazing, with a capital "A".  

I tried their "Replenish" juice, made up of pineapple,
young Thai coconut, water, cucumber and Himalayan

Salt in juice?!

Trust me - it's delicious.  

Additionally, I had to spring for the delicious 
"Smashed Avocado" toast, a texturally perfect 
combination of avocado, extra virgin olive oil,
salt and pepper sandwiched between two slices
of organic whole wheat bread.

Absolutely, out of this world delicious.

Lilli Pilli gets my automatic vote for "can't-live-without-
it-ness".  An expensive habit (juices start at $9.75), but
truly money well spent.  

Lilli Pilli: Thanks for turning my day around.  Next 
time I have a bad workout, I'm totally coming back.



Lilli Pilli is located at 240 Main Street, White Plains,
NY in the Center Center next to Five Guys Burgers.
Visit them at

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